Monday, September 18, 2006

More cast speculation for Persuasion 2007

According to both Austenblog ( and the listing for the 2007 ITV version of Persuasion on Internet Movie Database (, new cast members have been added. These are:
Marion Bailey - Mrs Croft
Peter Wight - Admiral Croft
Alice Krige - Lady Russell
Tobias Menzie - William Elliot
Joseph Mawle - Harville
Finlay Robertson - James Benwick
Mary Stockley - Mrs Clay
Sam Hezeldine - Charles Musgrove

It appears that Julia Davis has been confirmed as Anne Elliot's sister Elizabeth, but no news yet on her younger sister Mary, Charles Musgrave's wife. Neither is there information as yet on the remaining Musgrove family - Mr and Mrs Musgrove and their daughters Henrietta (and her cousin/lover Charles Hayter) and Louisa. Other missing castings include Lady Dalrymple and Miss Carteret, Mrs Smith and Nurse Rooke.

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