Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Art of Stories --- (EDITORIAL)

This blog is devoted to Stories on Screen - Cinema, TV Series, Tele-Films - with a special interest in Text-to-Screen Adaptation. I have a particular interest in Adaptations because I am currently researching a PhD thesis on the transformative and interpretative processes involved in text-to-screen adaptation - but I am also a fan, an enthusiast, a lover of well-told stories. All stories. So this blog will talk about the narratives I both love and loath ... what I've been watching, what I want to watch, and even what I watched some time ago but feel mention is warranted all the same.

The 'high-brow' aim of this blog is to analyse, to deconstruct how screen narrative is crafted, to discuss the wider ramifications of narratives and their effects on society, and deliver news on the world behind the narratives we are destined to be watching on our screens before long.

Having said that, this blog is chiefly about entertainment and engagement - the opportunity to talk about film, TV and novels in whatever way we fancy.

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